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David Harry

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Monday, 02 February 2015 00:14

Favourite bass line.

I've always thought that Mongoloid was the best bass line ever, then things like Strange Persuit and Going Under spring to mind, amongst many others. But then I have a pure DEVO moment, like I usually do when having alone time and listening to what got me into the best band in the first place.


I was a massive Human League fan, and EMPIRE STATE HUMAN, was, and still is, a punctuation mark in all that will ever be, synth music. But I was on a journey with my friend Don, in Cambridge of all places, a far cry from Shefield, and let alone my home town of Liverpool. And there, he bought a record for his older brother, Roy. This just happened to be the picture disk of, Are We Not Men?


On first listen, and if I'm being honest. I thought, "what the F...". But, if the music was as mad as the picture on the disc, it was worth a good listen. That first listen completely sold me, and my musical future had arrived. My whole world was being re-arranged at thirty three and a third.


While I was absorbing all these new tunes and sounds, and believe me, it was my first experience in something so perfectly complete. I happened across a tune, on first listem, that would forever impress and have no equal.


Why do I never choose the bass line from my favourte song? I can only summise that the reason is one of familiararity and not wanting to push the point. You know! When you have told every mutant on this planet earth, what the real "best song in the history of the universe is".


And that my comrades in Spud Land, is. GUT FEELING.


Duty Now, and be DEVOLVED..............



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