size 8C boots

size 8C boots

Unofficial steps to make a user account


User account information may not have been copied over from the WB Club Devo website.

Make a new user account
Enter your new account details. After creating your account, every entry may be changed except for your private "username".
    • "Username" - private login username (Username cannot be changed)
    • "Name" - public name (Name can be same or different from Username.)
    • "Email" - private email
    • "Password" - private password
    • "Verify password" - retype password
Personal Details
    • "Gender" - select Male or Female
    • "Description" - type text here for other users to see when they visit your public account page.
    • "User image (avatar)" - click "Choose File" button to upload an image file from your computer to use as your public user avatar icon.
Your uploaded image file will be resized to a width of 75 pixels. There is no limit to how tall your icon can be. (But full height will only be shown on your user account page.)
    • "URL" - enter your webpage address.
Administration Options
Select your language ("UK English" is the only option) and select your time zone.
Or not, it's all the same.

A "token" will associate your individual account with your computer.
On your computer, you will be only able to use the one user account you created.
You can edit all personal user account details except your private login "username."

    • You have created your new user account.
    • Login with your private username & password.
    • Your public user name, user image icon/avatar, and self description text will be shown on .

Under the "Recent Users" column on right side of page, click your user icon to see your user page.
Want to be able to "Add new item"?
You may need to first click "My account" and add a "description" under "personal details".

Click the "Logout" button to exit your user account.


Saturday, 31 March 2012 19:54

Pearl Jam cover Whip It at Halloween show

Pearl Jam cover "Whip It" at their Halloween Concert in 2009.



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